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[AAK80947] RC8T4 Team Kit 조립품 전문가용 -(베터리,충전기미포함)
판매가격 : 989,000원
적립금액 : 9,890원
총 상품 금액 0
상품 상세 설명

RC8T4 Team Kit Features

Innovative front-end geometry with reduced kingpin inclination steering blocks places the wheel pivot in the center of the front tire for increased stability and consistent steering through the entire steering throw

Paired with a new wider upper suspension arm pivot

New gearboxes are specific to front and rear:

Front gearbox features a 3.5deg. inclined pinion gear angle to straighten the center driveshaft for increased drivetrain efficiency and reduced phasing and vibration

Rear gearbox features a 0deg. pinion gear angle and center mounted rear chassis brace mount

Both gearboxes feature larger bearing sizes over RC8B3. Switching to a 6x13x5mm flanged bearing (from a 6x12x4mm non-flanged) results in longer life of bearings and ring and pinion gears

Reduced hardware on anti-roll bar cap for easy assembly and maintenance

Increased strength in common areas of part fatigue; particularly around the pinion gear and outer cap bearing fitment

Updated front upper suspension arm design

An added molded hinge pin bushing to reduce slop and increase suspension dynamics

New rear wing mount has adjustable wing angle shims, significant strength improvements, an aerodynamic shape, and extra clearance for shock position adjustment

Two wing height options are available to tune the rear downforce

Three wing angle positions: 0, -2, and -4deg.

The improved design also secures the wing mounting nuts so that they will not spin in the mount

The four wing mount screws into the rear tower access from the rear end of the buggy for simplified maintenance

New rear wing has more vertical fins for increased straight-line stability, a taller rear wickerbill height for increased downforce, increased strength in various areas to reduce bending fatigue, and dimples on the backside as a template for cutout holes

Two wing buttons are included for additional tuning options: the first is a traditional one-piece flat button and the second is a vertical stabilizing fin for even more straight-line stability

New rear chassis brace has several design features and flex options:

Rear brace is mounted centrally to the gearbox, which reduces material fatigue, centralizes shear forces, and improves the life of rear end drivetrain parts

Has three different chassis flex options using two chassis hole mounting locations

Use both screws (most rigid)

Use one screw, long location

Use one screw, short location (most flexible)

The upper brace joint has two flex tuning options at the gearbox

With included molded inserts that prevent twisting and only allow flex along the centerline pivot of the brace

With optional turnbuckle ball for flex in more degrees of freedom

Removable insert to customize the amount of flex in the brace

New +1mm offset rear hub features a symmetrical left and right common design with axle height inserts for adjustable roll center tuning

The standard bearing size used is an 8x16x5mm flanged but the hub will still accept 15x21x4mm bearing for CVA axle tuning options

New fuel tank with many new features

A new footprint to integrate with new steering bellcrank position

Optimized fuel tank capacity

Includes an ergonomically designed rubber lid puller

Dash marks on the upper fuel tank half are measurement indications for quickly checking remaining fuel capacity after a session

Increased splash guard height

Longer lid pivot length results in a better closure and seal between lid and tank

Three stackable inserts are included for volume adjustment at sanctioned events

New +2 mm taller front shock tower design with updated suspension geometry and body mount positions for all styles of truck bodies.

Run a single centered body post mount for "bruggy" type bodies

Run two offset body post mounts for traditional "truggy" type bodies

Run an included top plate mounted body post for bodies utilizing "buggy" front end mounting points

New longer shock shafts and shock rod ends

35.5mm front and 44.5 mm rear shock shafts

0 mm, +2 mm, and +4 mm shock rod ends are included for tuning droop and up-travel for various shock positions

Other New Features

New steering bellcranks with top-mounted steering rack for extra clearance around gearbox assembly

New aluminum steering rack designed around the updated front end geometry is lightweight and durable

New steering bellcrank nuts are longer to reduce drag from the steering rack under flex

Updated steering servo linkage features a new heavy duty threaded ball and steel screw joint

New A and B blue aluminum suspension arm mounts are shaped to interlock with the RC8B4 chassis

New RC8T4 specific 7075 aluminum hard anodized chassis features updates to strengthen the front and rear droop tab areas and an increased width along kick up area

New upper suspension arm link mount is significantly wider than RC8B3 series, providing the required geometry for the new reduced KPI steering blocks

New carbon fiber front top plate centralizes the front chassis brace for balanced flex in all directions

New front chassis brace is the same length as the "short" version from RC8B3 for ideal front end flex

New spring cups and shock rod end design has a locking screw to keep the cups in place during a crash and has improved material; the same tough material as our 1:10 rod ends

New front shock bushings are 1.5mm longer than RC8B3 shock mounts

New rear shock bushings are 4mm longer than RC8B3 shock mounts

Large diameter, Low-Profile SHCS are used throughout the truck to replace a traditional screw/washer system

New exhaust hanger mount and spring

New carbon fiber radio tray brace for repositioned steering servo

86.5mm front and 174mm rear center dog bones with 14mm pins on are now standard equipment for increased drivetrain efficiency

New brake rotor design has clearance to accept a 14mm driveshaft pin for longer outdrive life

New brake pads to pair with the new brake rotors

New rod ends have improved thread engagement, slotted area for easy turnbuckle wrench access, and are made from a same durable material as our 1:10 rod ends

New CVA axle has a "stub" design with retainer sleeve to capture pin and uses two 8x16x5mm flanged bearings (the same as the RC8B3 universal axle setup)

New 131 mm CVA bones used on all four corners

New rear shock tower features two built in wing height positions; the RC8T4 "low" is the same height as the RC8T3 "high" and RC8T4 features an additional +5mm height option by adjusting the wing mount adapters, all easily accessed from the rear end of the truck

Standard anti-roll bar sizes include a 2.2mm front and 2.4mm rear bar

Standard shock spring setup includes a yellow 5.7 lb/in rate front and red 4.7 lb/in rate rear spring

RC8T4 Team Legacy Features:

+2deg. steering block arms

V3 differentials with 46T ring and 10T pinion gears for improved gear ratios

Includes new updates to HTC sun and planet gears with removed pocketing to extend diff life and improve gear mesh and remain more consistent over long runs

RC8B3.2 side guards that thread into the chassis from the top side of the car

RC8B3.2 radio tray: battery and receiver box with removable transponder mount

RC8B3.2 split center diff mounts with aluminum center top plate

RC8B3.2 shock caps with stiff molded bladders

RC8B3.2 narrow C and D arm mounts

4-shoe aluminum clutch with two composite and two aluminum shoes, two 0.95mm and two 0.90mm springs, and steel 13T clutch bell

No body is included with RC8T4 kit. Racers can use AE #81324 RC8T3 body or choose from a variety of current bodies from aftermarket companies.

1. 구입금액이 50,000원 이상일 경우 무료배송이 적용되며, 50,000원 미만일 경우 배송비를 고객님께서 부담 하셔야 합니다.
2. CJ대한통운 택배 배송료 : 3,500원(제주,도서/산간지역은 추가 배송료가 적용됩니다.)
3. 평일(월~금) 오후 4시 주문및 결제완료 주문서는 당일 발송해 드립니다. (다만 불가피하게 발송안되는 주문서는 연락드립니다.)
4. 배송기간은 입금확인일로부터 평일기준 1~2일 소요됩니다. (도서/산간지역은 배송이 지연 될수도 있습니다.)
1. 고객님께서 취소하신 상품에 대한 환불은 현금의 경우 반품 확인 후 고객님이 요청하신 통장으로 입금하여 드립니다.
2. 신용카드로 결제하신 경우 신용카드의 거래승인을 취소하여 드립니다.
3. 반품을 하시는 경우 구입하신 상품과 행사제품을 함께 보내시거나, 행사제품에 대해 해당되는 일정금액을 부담하셔야 합니다.
1. 상품수령 후 7일 이내에 반품및 A/S가능
2. 제품의 하자 및 주문내역과 다른 상품이 배송된 경우 반품 및 교환 배송요금은 판매자가 부담.
3. 고객 변심으로 인한 반품 및 교환시에는 배송비를 부담하셔야 합니다
상품 성격상 사용 여부의 확인이 불가능한 제품은 교환 및 환불이 불가능합니다.
4. 조립 제품으로 조립을 시작한 경우나 밀폐된 포장을 개봉한 경우,또는 상품 가치가 상실된 경우에는 상품불량 이라도 반품 및 교환이 불가하니 조립 또는 개봉전 반드시 확인 하시기 바랍니다.
반품택배비는 5,000원입니다.
1. 상품의 불량에 의한 반품, 교환, A/S, 환불, 품질보증 및 피해보상 등에 관한 사항은 소비자분쟁해결기준(공정거래위원회 고시)에 따라 받으실 수 있습니다.
2. 대금 환불 및 환불 지연에 따른 배상금 지급 조건, 절차 등은 전자상거래 등에서의 소비자 보호에 관한 법률에 따라 처리합니다.
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